Apocalyptic floods / Climate reparations

1) The climate crisis is already here
2) One third of Pakistan is under water
3) All human life should be equal

From Ayisha Siddiqa (edited): I still don’t think people understand what it means for 33 million people to be displaced.

That’s roughly 90% of the population of Canada. That’s more than the entire population of Australia, and 3 times that of Portugal.

And the United States with its $30 million dollar donation has given less than $1 per person to the people displaced.

For a country like Pakistan with CO2 emissions of 0.98% per capita and which has contributed to the climate crisis less than 0.5%, that’s not even a drop, it’s an insult.

We are not responsible for climate change the way the USA, China, Russia and Europe are. Pakistan may look like a distant reality right now, but what is happening on our soil is the future of the rest of the world if we don’t stop global warming. Wake up.

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