George Jackson in the Sun of Palestine

The overlaps between Palestinian and Black liberation movements <3

How did a poem by Palestinian poet, Samih al-Qasim, come to be known and published under George Jackson’s name, in English translation? George Jackson, a Black revolutionary writer, was incarcerated in California for more than a decade, until he was killed in 1971 by prison guards. Among the ninety-nine books Jackson had in his cell at the time of his death, one was “Enemy of the Sun,” a collection of Palestinian resistance poetry. For four decades, the title poem of the collection has circulated in Black Panther newspapers and other venues under George Jackson’s name. In this episode, Professor Greg Thomas discusses his recovery of this shared history, and the traveling exhibition that emerged from his research. Listen here.

museum of international folk art, santa fe

it’s a bit cooler today, with an off and on drizzle, so i decided to go to the museum of international folk art on museum hill. aitezaz wanted to stay home, relax and read. even before i entered the building, i was blown away by the plaza around which all the museums are located. the sky was doing its own thing and the light perfect for capturing darker hues and sharp details. the public sculptures in this city are exquisite.

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rio grande gorge bridge

our last bit of adventure yesterday: the rio grande gorge bridge, fifth highest bridge in the US. fought insane winds and my fear of heights, to walk on the bridge for spectacular views of the gorge below. and then it was back to santa fe, taking the low road this time which winds thru the rio grande valley ?

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taos is art

‘taos is art’ it says everywhere. indeed, the taos society of artists was formed in 1915 and artists have been flocking here ever since. had a scrumptious lunch and the best flourless cake ever from chokola. walked the plaza, bought some art, and then a short drive to the church of san francisco de asis dating back to the 18th century, an adobe structure painted by georgia o’keeffe and photographed by ansel adams.

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carson national park

on our way to taos, on the high road, all of a sudden we found ourselves in the midst of a pine forest. now called carson national park, this is the home of the taos pueblo people.

the blue lake was always an important cultural and religious site for them and they fought to have it restored to their guardianship, finally succeeding in 1970.
i was surprised to learn that the area has elk, black bears, coyotes and cougars, among other big game animals.

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today we drove from santa fe to taos, taking the high scenic road thru the sangre de cristo mountains. first stop, historic chimayó, a hamlet known for its chile, weaving and miracles. visited the santuario de chimayó, famous for its healing magic ?

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santa fe

our little place in santa fe, a city that’s all earth-colored adobes. much more traffic than easygoing albuquerque. first thing we did was order food from jambo cafe. my husband got jerk chicken with rice & beans and fried plantains. i got a moroccan lamb stew cooked w chickpeas, raisins, apricots, and sweet potatoes, topped with a delicious ginger dried fruit chutney. amazing.

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old town albuquerque

walked around old town albuquerque this afternoon. we saw the san felipe de neri church and i visited lots of small art galleries and gift shops. there was an entire store dedicated to ‘breaking bad.’ found this bear claw ring at the silver artichoke. the woman who helped me told me her sister, betty hawthorne, who lives on a navajo reservation designed the ring. with a sleeping beauty turquoise and mediterranean coral, the ring protects one. love it.

mexican artist lola alvarez bravo

discovered the work of mexican artist lola alvarez bravo. loved how she captured scenes from rural indigenous mexican life, such as ‘burial at yalalag’ and ‘shark hunters’ in acapulco. her photographic portraits of frida kahlo are also full of nuance and delicate detail. she was one of the few mexican artists who experimented with photomontage (‘the dream of the drowned’) at the time. she was born in lagos de moreno in 1907.

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breakfast at burque bakehouse

our casita in the morning. a beautiful sign outside that i just discovered today. long line at @burquebakehouse, just a minute’s walk away, where we got coffee, their famous double-baked almond croissants and cruffins – croissants shaped like muffins filled with boston cream and topped with chocolate. sat under our tree, listening to local birdsongs, and had breakfast. decadence.

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