Comrades and organizations in Ayiti/Haiti

From the Movement 4 Black Lives:

“On August 14th, 2021 the people of Ayiti/Haiti experienced another devastating earthquake that has left more than 1,200 dead and hundreds of thousands injured. The people of Ayiti deserve our solidarity. Instead, we are witnessing what we have seen many times before, disaster capitalists and proponents of US imperialism swarming, prioritizing the consolidation of profit and power over the needs of the people. The lack of action to defend Black Lives in Ayiti/Haiti is yet another reminder of why we say Black Lives Matter.

The solution? Solidarity in practice. We have learned from survivors of man-made climate disasters here in the US, that we must not only support the immediate needs of the Haitian people, we must also commit to their long term needs and their right to be self-determined.

The Haitian people are part of a powerful legacy of resistance, courage and dedication.

Here is a list of trusted comrades and organizations either based in Ayiti or connected with Ayiti with deep roots and integrity.”

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