Shyam Benegal’s Yatra

Love this so much <3

Repost from @ind.igenous:

Here’s Neena Gupta singing a few lines of ‘Chan Kitthan’ in Shyam Benegal’s Yatra (1986), a miniseries for Doordarshan on the Indian Railways. Wrote about this delightful series a couple of weeks ago, but totally forgot to mention this surprise discovery!

Within my limited listening of Panjabi music, Chan Kitthan remains an absolute favourite. This is actually a folk song of the Saraiki language, and the first line rougly translates to, ‘My love, where have you been the entire night?’ She calls her love ‘chan’ – the moon. A song of lonely love. There are several versions that one can find on the internet, from Attaullah Khan’s classic to Ali Sethi’s soft rendition, and Ayushmann Khurrana with his reimagined version – each of them beautiful in their very own ways.

(Note: Couldn’t confirm the name of the singer from the credits because it wasn’t there, but this is most probably sung by Neena Gupta herself.)

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