Stairs and rails

An alternative analysis of ‘social distancing’ by Anu Ramdas:

The Brahmin belief system in India gave the world the anti-social, anti-human, birth-based, occupation-fixed, religiously sanctioned social and economic structure that codifies social distance and excludes the majority. It has materialized into the robust supremacist social order called caste. It is a two or 3 thousand year all pervasive religio-legal power system that is built explicitly to enforce caste distance, carrying a complex system of penalization for violation of the prescribed social distance between members of brahmin-savarna castes and the bahujan castes. This new virus-induced and suddenly global concept of ‘social distance’ like so many other isms will be shored up as new justifications for caste, untouchability, and supremacism.

Across the globe, the rich nations with far superior health care systems are shutting their borders, resources, and responsibilities. In one swift act they get to wash their hands off of the ravages they wrought on peoples and societies. More here.

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