A time to reflect and imagine

A few days ago, my friend Miles Krassen posted a piece about our current crisis. It is written by William Davies who says: ‘Rather than view this as a crisis of capitalism, it might better be understood as the sort of world-making event that allows for new economic and intellectual beginnings.’
I’ve been thinking for a while about the importance of having a vision for the future. In fact, I asked the brilliant women I interviewed for ‘The Injured Body’ to articulate such a future.

Over the next few weeks/months, I will try to post ideas that might point us in the right direction. I’ve already posted an interview with Nasrin Himada in which she talks about prison abolition and its entanglements with colonialism, race and class, and about how to think of lived politics within which we ourselves can constantly evolve.

There is much more. We can use this time to reflect and imagine.

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