Libya Fundraiser

Dear all, the death toll from unprecedented flooding in Libya has risen to at least 11,300 people, according to the UN. Another 10,000 people are missing in the city of Derna alone. The devastation and loss of life are apocalyptic: “Videos of the aftermath show water gushing through the port city’s remaining tower blocks and overturned cars, and later, bodies lined up on sidewalks covered with blankets, collected for burial. Residents say the only indication of danger was the loud sound of the dams cracking, with no warning system or evacuation plan.” Since 2011, when Gaddafi was ousted (“We came, we saw, he died,” said Hillary Clinton famously), war and chaos have made Libya extremely vulnerable to natural disasters. This fundraiser is organized by the Libyan Student Association of Canada. 100% of the proceeds are going to the Libyan Red Crescent who are working on the ground in Libya. Pls help them meet their fundraising goal.

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