International Women’s Day 2021

Today on International Women’s Day, a tribute to the women of Kashmir and Palestine, and all women living under occupation and facing genocide. “Palestine and Kashmir are both carved up by borders. People are swallowed whole. Stories are silenced and blood flows into rivers. Military checkpoints, armored vehicles, and borders occupy not just the land, but penetrate deeper, into the psyches of people. Occupation is sophisticated. It aims to destroy culture and to terminate people. For many Palestinian and Kashmiri women, their very existence is a form of resistance. Women are the culture bearers. They are the bringers of life. Their stories of existence and resistance hold in them a vision for a future where the bodies and spirits of their children will not bear the marks of occupation. This vision is the whisper of freedom.”

[From: ‘Makers of Memory: Women in Occupied Palestine and Kashmir’ by Tara Dorabji and Susan Rahman]

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