What terrifies people more than cops

Harsha Walia: You know what terrifies people as much (or more than) cops: social workers apprehending your children and tearing apart your family; border agents and immigration enforcement detaining and deporting you to a certain death; jail guards assaulting and incarcerating and torturing you; private security guards and city officials stealing your tent and belongings in the dead of winter because you have nowhere to sleep but outdoors; psychiatrists and health care professionals forcibly detaining you and throwing you in involuntary treatment; western-funded and trained military units and occupying forces killing and massacring you and your family members in one of the hundreds of permanent imperial wars across this globe. The carceral regime of social control within racial capitalism is a networked system of violence upholding ‘organized abandonment alongside organized violence’ (as Ruthie Gilmore calls it), of which cops are one of many interconnected deathscape infrastructures we need to abolish.

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