for my birthday this year

thank u for all the warm and lovely birthday wishes dear friends. so i’ve been on fb since 2007. it’s been a while. i’ve never asked people to support a cause on my birthday before, but this year yemen has been in my heart and on my mind.
pls donate any small (or large) amount u can. it’s people like us who have to show up for one another.

here is an IRC link.

i’m sure u’ve heard about the humanitarian crisis in yemen, man-made famine-like conditions that are devastating the country, along with an ongoing, merciless war (in which we americans are complicit). i also wanted to share some history with u, so u know how beautiful yemen is.

‘Located in the southwestern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen’s earliest excavated village settlements are dated to c. 5000 BC and the first urban settlements on the eastern deserts date from around 1200 BC. Sana’a lies in a fertile basin over two thousand meters above sea level, on a major communication axis that crosses the mountains of Yemen. As part of the African Horn where the Red Sea meets the Indian Ocean, it is often described as the ancestral heartland of the Arabs. Sana’a is one of the most ancient surviving cities in Arabia and arguably the longest continually inhabited city in the world.’

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