stop already, wajahat ali

a couple of years ago, wajahat ali goes to palestine with MLI, a zionist-supported program, and writes all about his insights on how settlers have feelings too (the atlantic gives him plenty of space to reflect on the hackneyed ‘competing narratives’ vis a vis palestine/israel). there is pushback as expected. wajahat ali doesn’t back down. he writes a second piece for the atlantic to defend himself and spit on retrograde muslims. now, once again, wajahat ali gets annoyed because steven salaita, ali abunimah and others point out how certain opinions get more media coverage than others and how the proponents of those views get bigger media platforms. wajahat ali bends over backward to frame that uncontroversial statement as being anti-semitic and sends armies of trolls and miscellaneous gatekeepers of speech on p/i their way, in spite of how much damage such allegations have already wreaked on scholars/activists/journalists. sadly wajahat ali is pakistani american. his shameless (and outrageous) centering of himself on the subject of palestine is embarrassing. dude, pls pipe down and go back to writing unimaginative plays like ‘the domestic crusaders’.

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