Facebook Has Begun Purging Accounts Tied to Anti-Fascist Groups

i want so much to leave fb. for me, as an activist/independent filmmaker, it’s difficult to jettison my community/network here. but it’s becoming morally impossible to continue to use (and therefore support) such a reprehensible company. on top of the purging of anti-fascist groups as described in this article, their whatsapp is used widely to organize lynchings of muslims in india. that’s something they are ok with. people can do anything they set their minds to. why can’t we develop our own platform on the left so we can leave en masse. 

‘This is the first time a coordinated removal of multiple U.S. anarchist and antifascist accounts has happened on Facebook. In addition to It’s Going Down (IGD) and the CrimethInc Ex-Workers Collective, banned accounts include the Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front, which has organized some of the recent Black Lives Matter demonstrations in Portland, Oregon; Enough is Enough, a German anarchist news platform; various chapters of the John Brown Gun Club, an armed left-wing community defense group; a number of members of the anarchist think tank Center for a Stateless Society; and accounts for the radical musicians Sole, Time, and Calm (the latter two belong to freelance writer Chris Steele, who has been published in Truthout). News about more may emerge later.’ More here.

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