black internationalism and global solidarities

this is a historic discussion. using the lens of black internationalism, it ties black liberation in america (in the belly of the imperial beast) to south asian struggles led by the dalit community in india and the sheedis (african diaspora) in pakistan. what a beautiful vision of solidarity across geographies, languages, and histories. black internationalism is what i find most exciting in black liberation movements because it illuminates the necessity to see the big picture – how wars abroad, for example, are directly connected to police violence, how inequities amongst nations are reflected in racial and economic hierarchies here in the US, etc.

it’s a longish video, in three different languages, with two interpreters, but it’s one of the most hopeful things i’ve seen in a while. and may i say, how much i love dr west. his generosity, how he gives access to his time and energy, to his person, whenever he can support oppressed people anywhere in the world, is immensely moving. he doesn’t just talk solidarity, he does it.

i hope that my south asian community will watch and reflect on the anti-blackness and casteism that’s so embedded in our language and society. i also hope that my american friends will watch and learn about movements, on the other side of the planet, fighting the same fight for rights and dignity. it might unsettle some of the notions americans have about india and pakistan.

thank u Equality Labs.

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