ramadan in kashmir

ramadan, or the coronavirus, have not slowed down the violence of india’s occupation in kashmir.

Hafsa Kanjwal: This Ramadan has not been one of much comfort and ease given the relentless assault of India’s occupation in Kashmir. The corona virus is the least of their concerns given the number of civilians and rebels killed, the ransacking of entire villages, the horrifying cordon and search operations, and the legal changes made that will enable demographic change to occur—at a rapid pace.

A friend just sent over this photo though, of a Quran that survived an attack by Indian forces on an entire neighborhood today—where over 15 homes were burnt and razed to the ground. So many families have lost their loved ones and their homes this past month.

But this “miracle” served as a reminder, in ways I find hard to articulate now. But, I thought to share in case others are also similarly struggling with the immense weight of injustice around them.

Photo: Saqib Majeed

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