my sister gul

and then there’s my most glamorous sib. gul or dr syed. two years my junior. accomplished rheumatologist and mother of two. always up for some fun and adventure, gym-fit, natural fashionista. strong, strong, strong. focused and unsparingly direct. she was the kind of kid in school who could schedule study time for exams, with 100% accuracy, execute that plan with ease, and set aside a decent bunch of hours for R and R. always said she’d fail, inevitably aced her exams – all the way to med school. gul is mindful of the importance of family. makes great chai. has a quirky sense of humor. my favorite thing? when she and my brother riff off of each other and have us crying with laughter. she adds color, drama and style to our family. love u gul. [my sister gul with her daughter]

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