Biden Wins, Sanders Lags: Naomi Klein & Alicia Garza on Calls to Shut Down Primaries

Naomi Klein: And so, one of the things that’s happening — and this is why we so desperately need the debate — is while it is true that a bunch of losing candidates in the Democratic primary have endorsed Joe Biden, reality keeps endorsing Bernie Sanders. That is true for Medicare for All, and we’re going to be hearing from NNU and Alicia Garza more on that, because it is the care sector, it is nurses and home care workers, who are on the frontlines of this crisis, and we are seeing the living argument for why we need everybody to have health insurance, everybody to have paid sick leave. But instead of that, we have the Trump administration talking about cutting the payroll tax, which of course is a backdoor way of cutting Social Security and then privatizing Social Security. So it is extremely relevant that Joe Biden has a decades-long track record of trying to cut Social Security in a bipartisan way. More here.

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