We Arab Americans and Muslims are voting for Bernie. Because he’s Jewish

the problem with all this talk about ‘bernie bros’ is that we, women of color, muslim women, black and brown women, immigrant women, get erased so easily. some of the most prominent (and viciously attacked) woc in leadership positions, people like ilhan omar, rashida tlaib, AOC, and linda sarsour, who exist at the intersection of countless marginalized identities (black, refugee, african, arab, latina, palestinian, muslim, working class, woman) are supporting bernie sanders very publicly, yet it’s the ‘bernie bros’ who persistently define the narrative about his support. i understand that it’s deliberate, that the media are crafting a story, but it’s interesting how familiar the MO is – delete these inconvenient people who never mattered anyway. it’s infuriating. and yes, i know politicians are not a panacea and that the struggle will continue. just sick of this normalized form of erasure.

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