un cahier perlé

An evening to remember


This evening the fabulous Nadia S. Malik organized a dessert extravaganza at her home, baked exquisite cakes, made flan and even kulfi (for real?) and invited some of the beautiful women I am blessed to call my friends. They are poets, writers, artists, photographers, dancers, choreographers, curators, lawyers, journalists, feminists, activists, professors, philosophers, counselors, storytellers, community leaders, my sisters. I wrote about each of them because I wanted them to know what they mean to me. It was emotional. I had to focus hard in order to keep my voice steady. The beauty around me was overwhelming. Thank u Nadia for ur elegant hospitality, thank u Sabina for joining us, and thank u Amanda, Annette, Debora, Erica, Kristin, Lauren, Liz, Lu, Mariko, Pamela, Reilly, Sady, Sejal, Smriti, and Yvonne for being who u are. Love u all <3

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