‘the road to radicalization and the road back’

why are the UR college republicans so obsessed with ‘islamic’ radicalization? although the title of the event doesn’t say so, their guests are the usual ex-muslim / muslim-atheist / muslim-who-worked-for-homeland-security types, native informants who use the war-on-terror framework to secure their own place as ‘good’ muslims. the college republicans, under freshly minted leadership (after their previous president was issued a citation for spreading white supremacist propaganda), organized a similar discussion on ‘religious extremism in the middle east’ right after 50 muslims were massacred at two mosques in new zealand – talk about good timing (or bringing home the message). 9 months later here we are again. instead of these diversionary tactics that focus on 1% of the american population, shouldn’t they confront racism, islamophobic bigotry and general white supremacy within their own ranks? perhaps the center to end hate could help them?

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