un cahier perlé

we’re moving


dear rochester family

i don’t know how to find the right time or the right way to do this. i’d love to meet each and everyone of u and tell u in person. but maybe this is a good way to begin.

we will be moving to long island in march next year. i’m thrilled to be close to our kids (in nyc) and for AT’s excellent job, but i also feel disoriented and numb. i became an activist, a filmmaker, an artist whose work is exhibited, and most recently a college ‘professor,’ here in this city. my work, friendships, and the rochester community are deeply entwined. i don’t know how to separate one from the other.

i love u all and am grateful for all that i have learned from each and everyone of u, in the last 17 years. i hope to meet in person and talk more but most importantly, i hope to stay in touch. 

who knows what this change will signal. i am determined to remain inspired by u and ur presence in the world. 

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