The chapel of the former Our Lady of Pena

‘The #chapel of the former Our Lady of Pena #convent still retains its original 16th century layout. The small scale nave has an ogival vaulted arch finished in 16th century tiles.

The Neo-Gothic #stained #glass #window was commissioned by King #Ferdinand in 1840 from the Kellner family workshop in Nuremberg and alludes to the foundation of the Convent of Pena in 1503: King Manuel I appears in the bottom left; to the right is Vasco da Gama with a ship and the Tower of Belém in the background; above there is Our Lady of Pena, Saint Jorge, the armillary sphere, the cross of Christ and the coats of arms of Bragança and Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

The main #altarpiece is a work in #alabaster and black #marble carried out between 1529 and 1532 by the French #sculptor Nicolau de Chanterene (ca. 1470-1551).’

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