facebook stalking

so facebook stalking is a thing. i just had a harrowing experience with someone who offered to work together on an art project and then began to systemically scout around and recruit all the people i interact with most on my page. 

slowly their fb wall began to look like my fb wall because all the people reacting to their posts were my real-life friends. it’s surreal. feels like someone’s infiltrating ur life, ur world, ur work. also, unsettling that someone’s spending so much time parsing the exchanges happening on your page and then inserting themselves into those relationships. 

i know facebook is all about growing one’s network, but as we become more familiar with the long term implications of social media, i hope that people will begin to develop certain codes of behavior, a form of etiquette, for how they manage such an exchange. the mercenary, large-scale enlisting of someone else’s friends in order to sell oneself feels impersonal and invasive, like some kind of pyramid scheme. 

i hope that we connect with people because we value them, not because we want to co-opt their lives.

and yes, i know fb sucks. but we’re still here.

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