Seeing Ben Shapiro flounder might be fun, but far-right celebrities are no joke

had never heard of ben shapiro until this now famous interview (am not on twitter much). man seems to be a complete hack. totally agree with nesrine malik on not engaging with bigots and racists.

Nesrine Malik: There are broadly three ways to react to the shifting of the Overton window – the range of ideas tolerated in public discourse. The first and most common is to move along with it, accepting new parameters and adapting to them. The second is to stay put but look through the window, acknowledging that things have changed while attempting to grapple with that. The third is to resist the movement altogether, to refuse to engage with any previously beyond-the pale-ideas, and reject any arguments to do so.
I tend to fall into the third camp…

[…] The belief that somehow giving more airtime to people will expose and vanquish them makes no sense. The whole “sunlight is the best disinfectant” argument no longer works. Sunlight simply provides exposure and nourishment. There is no middle ground with bigots, no matter how popular they are. With every attempt at “challenging” them, all we do is expand their stage that little bit more. More here.

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