Darakshan Raja on the Palwama attack

From Darakshan Raja: Thinking of Kashmiris today and praying for their safety in Jammu and Kashmir and more broadly in India. The narrative that is being constructed from the #PalwamaAttack is intentionally meant to erase the broader context: a brutal military occupation of the Kashmiri people that has lasted for over 60+ years, resulted in the murder of at least 47,000 people and enforced disappearances in the thousands. When Kashmiris die under the occupation, just last year multiple protestors were killed by security forces, it’s business as usual. The differential responses to the deaths of Kashmiris and the broader apathy must change.

Unfortunately, this incident has already resulted in collective punishment, which includes the state’s violence that is emboldened by the Hindu Right.

Further, I am concerned for Muslims who are living in India because with the rise of Hindutva, and Modi in power, the fears of massive mob violence that could harken back to the Gujarat riots and Babri Masjid are real.

Finally, the use of anti-Pakistan rhetoric is alarming as this incident will be used by the Indian state and the Hindu Right to further blacklist Pakistan.

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