Struggling against anti-Semitism is permanently intertwined with the fight against Islamophobia

In her article, “How U.S. politicians use charges of anti-Semitism as a political weapon,” Mairav Zonszein writes: 

Israel, and by extension Israelis and American Jews, gets used as a wedge by pretty much anyone who chooses to pick up the cause in service of their own political agendas. The ironic result, for a fight about anti-Semitism, is that Jews are treated simply as a monolithic object, as a group that’s somehow different from other American ethnic or religious minorities. […] Pretending that Israel is the major concern for all Jews — and that anyone who criticizes its policies is engaging in anti-Semitism — is itself a form of scapegoating, a classic anti-Semitic trope. By toeing the nationalist policies set by the Israeli right, American politicians indicate that your position on Israel defines who you are and, especially, what you think of Jews.

This reminded me of the connections I made in an article I wrote for Mondoweiss last year. The struggle against anti-Semitism must be aligned with the struggle against Islamophobia and racism. Otherwise, we are talking about something else. More here.

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