Queer Trans War Ban

From Dean Spade: The latest from the Supreme Court about the ban on trans military service is causing another whirlwind of coverage that focuses on the “dignity” and “pride” of military service. Just a reminder: 

–The US military is the largest source of violence in the world. The US military is currently embroiled in horrible, long, unjust wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; is supporting a brutal assault on Yemen; and maintains almost 800 bases in over 70 nations and territories across the world, inflicting environmental destruction, sexual assault, and other forms of violence on the local populations. 

–The US military is the world’s largest polluter.

–Working for the US military is a terrible job. Sexual violence is endemic in the military. Veterans do not get the services they need from the VA. Recruiters lie about military benefits in order to recruit vulnerable poor people and people of color. 38% of women in the military have experienced sexual violence in the military. 40% of homeless women vets experienced sexual violence in the military. More here.

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