Pity the sad legacy of Barack Obama

so interesting how a discussion on racism and trumpism will suddenly come to a screeching halt if one criticizes obama. the thing is, i don’t care about personal civility or good manners if ur policies and government continue to shore up a cruel and unjust system. as a person who was born in the global south, i can say with confidence that not closing the monstrosity that is guantanamo after making public promises on the campaign trail, droning pakistan, somalia and yemen to death (563 strikes under obama, ten times more than the 57 under bush), and singlehandedly initiating the destruction of libya, do not endear obama to a large number of brown and black people. there is white privilege, yes, but then there’s also american privilege, which manifests itself across class and racial divides in this country. having the choice not to care or to ignore, is a privilege. here’s more on obama’s sad legacy by cornel west. more here.

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