A negative review can be a great compliment

So “A Thin Wall” is on IMDb but I hardly ever visit the page. Today I was surprised to find a review for the film, by someone called krasicki. The review made me laugh because it’s so obviously written by a white male. It’s not just the name. It’s the deep discomfort with a non-linear narrative and multiple elements that move back and forth and collage stories without the expected concrete structure that will hold ur hand and lead u to an unambiguous conclusion. It’s the need for traditional history, written mostly by (white) men, rather than a collection of oral histories gleaned from the experiences of women for the most part. The reviewer’s racial/cultural sympathies are obvious in how he criticizes the film for “demonizing” the partition (how does one celebrate the displacement of 20 million people and the killing of another million?) and “largely blaming” the British. Lol. The final condescending blow comes in his description of the film as “Indian Kitsch.” Such colonial pettiness. He’s only written one review on IMDb. I’m glad the film got to him so badly 🙂

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