i wrote this two years ago – to my brother and sisters ♥

this past weekend, we went to visit my brother, his family, and my mom and dad. we made this trip to celebrate my multi-talented musician nephews at a concert. drums, bass, electric guitar, ukulele, vocals – u name it, they excel at it. hanging out with my brother was trippy, as always. it’s not just his bright sense of humor or his ability to weave hilarious, legendary stories out of almost nothing, it’s also that many of his memories of our common past complete and restore mine. he, and my sisters, complete my story, my sense of identity. it’s an amazing thing. like existing as some kind of impressionistic painting, spread across states and continents, illuminated point by point by the recollections of those we love. we forgot to take the mandatory selfie, so here’s an older picture from a few years ago. it’s an homage to my brother and sisters who are an indelible part of who i am ♥

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