against the hillside, nyc and hard rock

my eye is still healing but what a fun trip to nyc over the weekend. got to see my son and together, all 4 of us, saw sylvia khoury’s “against the hillside,” an excellent play partly based in waziristan, pakistan, which is the primary location for US drone strikes. the reason we went to see the play was simple: rajesh bose, whose performance in the last scene was unforgettable. will write more about the play which i’m still thinking about. ate great salmon at the smith midtown, where we returned the next day at midnight for some sticky toffee pudding. on sunday we had breakfast at john’s coffee shop and left for NJ to see my brother and his family. got to attend my nephews’ first gig with their brand new band at dingbatz. unbelievable energy. back home close to midnight but what a jam-packed weekend!

against the hillside

my nephews and their band

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