Quetta blast death toll reaches 79

the horrific killing of shias continues. more here.

While they maintain great respect and concern for the Hazara community, observers and analysts have expressed increasing dissatisfaction with the imposition of Governor’s rule, and the army’s increased role in Balochistan. Nationalists, leftists and even laymen with information of the past 30 years know that our army has, more often, been part of the problem rather than the solution. This is no exaggeration in Balochistan. Hazaras, however, rightly retort by asking the critical non-wardiwalas what they recommend instead.

From where I stand, there is only one way forward: genuine representatives of the people of Balochistan should be entrusted and allowed to run the affairs of Balochistan. More than anyone else, it is these representatives who have a genuine stake and an honest attachment with the poor masses. (Sajjad Hussain Changezi) More here.