Unraveling the Emperor’s Speech to Write Our Own Story

Israel is a sinking ship, because as history has taught us over and over, regimes that seek to create a “pure race” – with whatever the twisted ideas of purity mean for each – do not last. Oppression has a short shelf life, as brave Arab men and women are demonstrating to the world, one Arab nation at a time.

Israel should not see this as a threat and they should not fear true democracy. Israel has a chance to heed the calls of their brave young people who refuse to be the brutalizers it wants them to be. The ones who refuse to serve and the ones breaking the silence or the ones boycotting their own illegal settlements. They are the conscience of Israel. And the conscience of the Jewish people is reflected in the woman who courageously interrupted Netanyahu’s speech before Congress. These young people are Israel’s redemption. Because the day will come when their racist system that measures human worth by religion will crumble. The day will come when military force is not enough to stop people from pouring into the streets to march for justice; and a critical mass all over the world will say enough.

Israel exists amidst a great body of Arabs. Amidst very old civilizations where historically Jews thrived. Whether in the Middle East, North Africa, or Spain, Jews found strength, protection, home and opportunity under Muslim rule before Israel was established. Israel’s best hope is to work to restore that solidarity. To find their way to the understanding that we are not children of a lesser God whom they can destroy and oppress at will. More here.