How Jewish supremacists created Israel – War in Context

wow. things have changed – at the nyt. check out this report on palestine/israel from 1947. the u.s. committed to israel right after it was created. the relationship went thru its usual ups and downs but it was never one of consistent hostility. american goals have become more and more aligned with israeli goals over the yrs. what has changed of course is the gag on free speech and objective reporting which is quite powerful. aipac has become much more effective in suppressing/shaping the discussion on the middle east. but i think what is truly eye-opening here is how the israeli perspective has remained fundamentally unchanged for more than 6 decades! that takes the cake.

Talking to Jews in ordinary walks of life — not Zionist leaders — one gets the impression that relations with the Arabs are not among there major concerns. Some were even surprised that in the present circumstances the subject should be discussed.

Their unconcern seems to be the product of several factors. First of all, they feel, although not boastfully, that as a people they are superior to the Arabs in skill and education. “Look at an Arab village and a Jewish settlement side by side,” one of them remarked recently. “There is a difference of 200 or 300 years.”

Another man stated the difference even more bluntly when he described the Western Jew as bearing the same relation to the Oriental Arab as the white man to the native in a colonial system. Some of the chauvinistic youth carry this feeling of superiority so far as to despise the Arab as an inferior.

Whatever the degree of their superiority complex, however, the Jews are certainly confident of their ability to bring the Arabs to terms — by persuasion if possible, by might if necessary. The program of the largest terrorist group, the Irgun Zvai Leumi, is to evacuate the British forces from Palestine and declare a Zionist state west of the Jordan, and “we will take care of the Arabs.”

Some of this confidence may be whistling in the dark. In any case the usual emphasis is not on might but persuasion. There appears to be a sincere belief among Zionists that their settlement in Palestine has conferred large and tangible benefits on the indigenous population. Everyone can cite an example from their own experience.

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