ITALY: Its a Lot Worse Than Sex Parties

The demonstration by an estimated million women across Italy Sunday points to a continuing denial of fair opportunities for women at work. The protest demonstrations, in 280 cities in Italy and 28 cities abroad, were called to demand action against Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi over the latest scandals. The turnout was some measure of the determination among women to take the political and public debate in Italy to the real problems of women. The protest followed weeks of intense debate over allegations that Berlusconi paid for sexual intercourse with a number of young women, including a 17- year-old undocumented girl from Morocco. In Italy the age of consent is 14, but prostitution below 18 is illegal. Full article.

i saw this excellent doc a while back called “videocracy” (a combination of video and democracy). it’s a terrific exploration of everything described in this article. berlusconi’s life and politics, his social stature and corporate media dominance have altered italian culture in a v sick way. no wonder millions of women have had enough. my review of the film here.