“inception” was disappointing…

great idea, lots of action, nolan and dicaprio, yet the film didn’t quite work for me.

one major weakness: the idea to be planted in someone’s brain (the “crime”) was rather pathetic. also, leo’s story with his wife was a distraction – too schmaltzy, his wife’s character way too annoying. they should have framed the film as a crime flick – a bunch of intelligent, quirky, witty, super creative people working together as a team to commit a crime – using the unconventional method of entering into people’s subconscious, kinda like sneakers or ocean’s eleven – no sentimentality, more focus on the crime itself, the dynamics of a team of geniuses, humor, cool, and a unique way to to commit the crime.

ellen page bored me to death. someone with more of an edge, with a stronger presence, with more maturity would have been terrific. and the psychology was too pat. for a film which undertakes the exciting visual exploration of the human mind and psyche, inception was actually quite boring. that’s criminal, no?