more films from rochester’s 360/365 film festival

saw three movies last saturday.

“monogamy” has one of the weakest, most vacuous, most annoyingly trivial scripts i have ever encountered – it takes a lot to turn a film about voyeurism into a crushing bore!

“io sono l’amore” (i am love) is a tribute to the douglas sirk larger than life, beautifully shot melodrama. repressed desires, familial responsibility and honor, forbidden love, impossible grief – all converge on an italian family dynasty, tilda swinton being at the center of the storm. the operatic score by john adams adds much passion and intensity to the film.

“winter’s bone” which got several awards at sundance, is set in a dismal trailer park in missouri. it’s raw, violent, unflinchingly realistic but jennifer lawrence’s performance (as a gritty 17 year old taking on her dangerous neighborhood to protect her family) shines brilliantly throughout the film.