old town albuquerque

walked around old town albuquerque this afternoon. we saw the san felipe de neri church and i visited lots of small art galleries and gift shops. there was an entire store dedicated to ‘breaking bad.’ found this bear claw ring at the silver artichoke. the woman who helped me told me her sister, betty hawthorne, who lives on a navajo reservation designed the ring. with a sleeping beauty turquoise and mediterranean coral, the ring protects one. love it.

mexican artist lola alvarez bravo

discovered the work of mexican artist lola alvarez bravo. loved how she captured scenes from rural indigenous mexican life, such as ‘burial at yalalag’ and ‘shark hunters’ in acapulco. her photographic portraits of frida kahlo are also full of nuance and delicate detail. she was one of the few mexican artists who experimented with photomontage (‘the dream of the drowned’) at the time. she was born in lagos de moreno in 1907.

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breakfast at burque bakehouse

our casita in the morning. a beautiful sign outside that i just discovered today. long line at @burquebakehouse, just a minute’s walk away, where we got coffee, their famous double-baked almond croissants and cruffins – croissants shaped like muffins filled with boston cream and topped with chocolate. sat under our tree, listening to local birdsongs, and had breakfast. decadence.

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seeing ‘the changemakers’ at RMSC

at the rochester museum & science center today where we saw ‘the changemakers’ exhibit which is stunning. recognized so many beautiful women friends who are part of the exhibition. two pieces from my art series ‘this heirloom’ are on display there. one is a graphic collage with my mom and her sister, when they were little girls. the other is called ‘embroidered dreams’ and it’s a tribute to my paternal grandmother, niaz fatima. my grandmother became a widow when she was quite young and struggled to raise and educate her children, in a highly patriarchal family system. i was wondering how she would feel about her picture hanging in a museum in rochester, new york, a tribute by a granddaughter she didn’t see grow up. it felt empowering.
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more elijah pierce

in his many religiously inspired, biblical wood carvings, jesus and his companions are always black. pierce’s work is fiercely political, from depicting police brutality and the violence of imperial war to the corruption of the white house. he lived until he was 90 and witnessed a lot of tumultuous history.
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elijah pierce at the barnes foundation

an extraordinary exhibition of elijah pierce’s work at the @barnesfoundation in philly:

‘Elijah Pierce’s America presents the exceptional work of self-taught woodcarver Elijah Pierce (1892–1984), known best for a tour-de-force volume of biblical scenes. His carvings depict remarkable narratives—religious parables, autobiographical scenes, episodes from American politics—and sometimes include figures from popular culture and sports. A barber by trade and a preacher by calling, Pierce reacted to life in 20th-century America through his handcrafted works, which also reflect his experience in one of the first generations of African Americans born into freedom.’
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