Amaya Bar & Grill – Southeast Quadrant, Rochester

last week had lunch at amaya’s with my husband. had lamb kebabs, with a vegetable bhaji, samosas and yummy naans. for dessert had tiny chocolate samosas filled with coconut, served with ice cream. delish! the restaurant belongs to two dear friends – brilliant doctors who wanted to bring some sophisticated indian/pakistani/bengali fusion cuisine to rochester. pls check it out. open for dinner and lunch.

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ADELE – Hometown Glory

so my son has been making these cds for me, for years. they’re full of music he’s into at that moment, from the beatles to adele to bands i have never heard of. i listen to the cds in my car, on my long drives around ny, and my head is filled with music he likes. it’s not easy to speak about emotions to 16 year old boys but i’ll take a risk anyway. i love u. thank u.