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why the partition is still relevant

when i was working on ‘a thin wall,’ some people questioned its relevance. after all, why would something that happened in 1947, on the other side of the planet, in south asia, have any relevance for the world in the 21st century.

the advent of fascism in india along with the recent violence unleashed on minorities, especially the anti-muslim pogrom in delhi, have everything to do with the partition – with ethnonationalism, racial supremacy, and ideas of separation and ‘purity.’ many have likened the pogrom to kristallnacht in 1930s germany. there are also astounding similarities to the incitement and killings of 1947.

so far there has been no public discussion in rochester about the unraveling of india, what arundhati roy describes as follows:

‘A democracy that is not governed by a Constitution and one whose institutions have all been hollowed out can only ever become a majoritarian state. You can agree or disagree with a Constitution as a whole or in part – but to act as though it does not exist as this government is doing is to completely dismantle democracy. Perhaps this is the aim. This is our version of the coronavirus. We are sick.’

pls join us for a vigorous post-screening discussion and learn more. this can happen anywhere, especially in the US where fascism has already become a reality.

will be posting the bios of my co-panelists soon.

choreographing a piece about micro-aggressions

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taught @my.marikoyamada’s ‘dance performance and collaboration’ class today at @nazarethcollege. i talked about #TheInjuredBody: a #film about #racism in america, showed students clips from interviews. i explained #microaggressions, double consciousness and franz fanon’s work on the ‘muscular contraction’ of the colonized body. we read a poem from ‘citizen: an american lyric’ and saw the film projection from a fringe festival piece that mariko and i collaborated on in 2017. i asked students to use the words, concepts and images we had discussed to choreograph a multimedia piece. they did an incredible job in just 30-40 minutes. this is a v rough presentation of the individual choreography as well as a tiny bit of the collaborative ‘phrase’ they came up with ?

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coffee with heather

with the incredibly talented Heather Layton at Starry Nites Cafe this afternoon – we talked about teaching, art and activism, grants and future projects, saudi society and how it’s changing, US presidential elections, as well as our personal lives. so happy to catch up dear heather, and see u in long island 🙂

heather layton and mara ahmed