JVP in nyc

so i joined JVP’s NYC chapter and they welcomed me w such warmth and love. added me immediately to their cinema palestine team and are super excited by all my ideas (i have too many). the other people on the team are filmmakers, playwrights, artists, an assistant curator at the whitney, and a psychotherapist who’s palestinian american. all activists of course and lots of young people. thrilled to start working together:)

more elijah pierce

in his many religiously inspired, biblical wood carvings, jesus and his companions are always black. pierce’s work is fiercely political, from depicting police brutality and the violence of imperial war to the corruption of the white house. he lived until he was 90 and witnessed a lot of tumultuous history.
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elijah pierce at the barnes foundation

an extraordinary exhibition of elijah pierce’s work at the @barnesfoundation in philly:

‘Elijah Pierce’s America presents the exceptional work of self-taught woodcarver Elijah Pierce (1892–1984), known best for a tour-de-force volume of biblical scenes. His carvings depict remarkable narratives—religious parables, autobiographical scenes, episodes from American politics—and sometimes include figures from popular culture and sports. A barber by trade and a preacher by calling, Pierce reacted to life in 20th-century America through his handcrafted works, which also reflect his experience in one of the first generations of African Americans born into freedom.’
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mural capital of the world

philly is the world’s mural capital (with some 4000 artworks throughout the city). today we did the north side of philly’s mural mile and walked through and along chinatown, the convention center and city hall. one of my favorite murals is ‘the philadelphia muses.’ it’s located at the corner of 13th and locust streets and features the nine classical greek muses of the arts, each modeled after a real philadelphian. so beautiful!
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fundraiser for daniel prude’s family at roco

with Erica Jae and Bleu Cease at Rochester Contemporary Art Center (photographs by debora).

there is a fundraiser going on at roco for daniel prude’s family. pls check it out. i bought a fabulous collage by Erica Bryant. also, hispanic heritage celebration day is coming up on oct 11. it’s virtual, don’t miss it!