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Why the Death Penalty Won’t Work

and so it starts…

Madiha Tahir: Army Chief General Raheel Sharif signed the death warrants of 6 men accused of being “hardcore terrorists.” The men are expected to be executed within 48 hours. The move comes a day after the government lifted the moratorium on the death penalty in the wake of the Peshawar attack. Meanwhile, the anti-terrorism court has approved the release of the head of Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, on bail because the courts are worried about security should the trial go forward. The group is widely thought to be responsible for the Mumbai attacks. A report released this month by the Justice Project Pakistan, a legal advocacy organization in collaboration with Reprieve, a UK-based humanitarian organization, finds that many of those now facing execution are “simply not terrorists.” The report, Terror on Death Row, exposes the rampant violations of human rights, torture and terror that that death row inmates face. As is evident from the case studies in the report, the poor and marginalized are more likely to be ensnared by the legislation that results in the death penalty. The report shows how the Pakistani state uses the death penalty for things that have nothing to do with terrorism. More here.

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