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erró’s thought provoking art

was introduced to erró, one of iceland’s most remarkable artists, at the reykjavik museum of art. the museum was built in order to house the work that he has generously donated. his collages, paintings and sculptures r not only beautiful but political. check these out, they’re called “retreat from iraq” (mixed media, 2005) and la petroleuse (mixed media, 1977).

retreat from iraq by erro

la petroleuse by erro

am loving iceland

on glacier mýrdalsjökull, which is about 5000 ft high and 230 sq miles, with my husband and our guide ingi (center). the glacier is pretty close to eyjafjallajökull, the volcano that erupted last year and disrupted air travel all over europe.

glacier mýrdalsjökull - iceland, aug 2011

spring break in nyc

stayed at the kimberley hotel in midtown. day 1: went to central park zoo with the kids, saw picasso’s guitars and abstract expressionism at the moma, and had dinner at haandi. day 2: saw marcia kure’s photomontages at susan inglett, had delicious chinese food in chelsea and finally spent the evening in times square. went to jersey to spend the night with my brother and his family. a great mini vacay.

mara and mimi in central park


home sweet home!!! back after getting up at 4 am, having to pay a departure tax (wha?) of $104 to leave costa rica, having to dish out another $50 coz a suitcase was slightly overweight, fighting for my hand cream right before boarding the plane coz it wasn’t in a ziploc bag, landing in newark and having my husband undergo special “checking” coz he happens to have a male muslim name (welcome to racial profiling) and being told (as at a checkpoint) that it could take anywhere b/w 15 minutes to oh, many many hrs (sorry if u miss ur connecting flight), waiting for another 3 hrs at an insanely overcrowded airport and finally making it home. that’s the price one has to pay for a brilliant vacation i guess.


costa rica during xmas break

december 22, 2010:

off to costa rica tomorrow. happy new year everyone – my family, my friends, my fb compadres. thank u for abhorring war, injustice, propaganda and violence as much as i do. thank u for loving words and art. to ur integrity, intelligence, sense of perspective and compassion. deep breath. ready for 2011.

december 23, 2010:

in san jose, costa rica. lovely weather!

december 24, 2010:

in monteverde. up in the cloud forest. much lushness, a warm breeze and beautiful people. doing the zip line and suspended bridges tomorrow.

december 26, 2010:

going on a twilight hike thru the rainforest tonight to check out the nocturnal scene.

later that evening:

on our night hike thru the forest last night we saw sloths, armadillos, opossums, two gorgeous tarantulas, butterflies, warblers, crickets, snakes, and many other fascinating creatures. what a vast and rich and complex world we live in…

rainforest in costa rica

memorial day weekend in the adirondacks

went to whiteface mountain in the adirondacks (near lake placid) with family and friends. hiked the flume knob trail, right next to whiteface. it’s a short but steep hike (four miles round-trip) to a rocky ledge which offers great views. the first mile climbs gradually, but the second mile is straight up and quite challenging. here we r en route to the top.

on flume knob trail in the adirondacks