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‘The term migrants dehumanizes refugees’


i hate the word “migrant.” i wish people would stop using it and parroting msm. it’s a sinister use of language to dehumanize.

Bas van Lier: Refugees shouldn’t be called ‘migrants’, Al Jazeera English online editor Barry Malone says. The umbrella term dehumanizes refugees and can serve to make politicians and population indifferent to the suffering these ‘migrants’ are undergoing.

‘The umbrella term migrant is no longer fit for purpose when it comes to describing the horror unfolding in the Mediterranean. It has evolved from its dictionary definitions into a tool that dehumanises and distances, a blunt pejorative.’

‘It already feels like we are putting a value on the word,’ Malone continues. ‘Migrant deaths are not worth as much to the media as the deaths of others – which means that their lives are not. Drowning disasters drop further and further down news bulletins. We rarely talk about the dead as individuals anymore. They are numbers.’ More here.

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