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Pay attention to the gender (and colour) of organising


From Yasmin Nair: I know that many of my activist and organiser friends, all of them generous, generous people who just keep at their work, will disagree or demur because they are that generous but I’ll just say this: If you’re in media, you need to note that a ton of the work against prisons and police brutality, the sort that brought so much attention to the Laquan McDonald case (and that brilliant, brilliant bannerdrop campaign that helped bring at least one career to a halt) is being done mostly by women, many of them queer and trans, many of them people of colour.

I realise that the narrative of the brave young MAN is deemed the most attractive, and it’s not necessarily incorrect because, yes, men, cis and trans, are involved. But pay attention to the gender (and colour) of organising. See if you can do that without looking for superheroes. This is hard, hard, ongoing work (I’ve had nothing to do with it, so I’m not trying to take credit), and the burdens often fall upon people already hampered by the inequalities of gender and race.

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