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Infanticide is on the rise in Pakistan


From 2014, but the problem of infanticide seems to have only intensified since.

Mariya Karimjee: As Pakistan becomes more urbanized, Karachi’s population has grown exponentially. Most of the migrants who move from villages to the city in search of better economic opportunities end up living in densely packed, illegal housing settlements like Haryana Colony. The residents here straddle the poverty line, have limited access to education and are often uninformed about birth-control options. Increasingly, they are turning to infanticide — killing a child within a year of birth — aid groups say. In South Asia, killing children is nothing new, and girls are particularly vulnerable. Parents do it to help feed their sons, who are more highly valued in Pakistani society. But the number of children killed has risen steadily over the last five years, welfare organizations in Karachi say. The Edhi Foundation, Pakistan’s largest welfare agency, says the number of dead babies its ambulances pick up has increased by almost 20 percent each year since 2010. More here.

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